The project started with a PoC project to ensure that AProfit's new portal version is suitable for Viestimedia's needs. The project continued with an installation and modification project where Viestimedia's expertise played a major role in adapting the functionality to Viestimedia's well-thought-out sales model.

Viestimedia's sales director Robert Kullström has been the owner of the project and has actively contributed to streamlining the business so that it fits Viestimedia's business models. The project has been greatly facilitated by the fact that the portal version of AProfit works transparently with the specifications of traditional AProfit. It made a phased implementation possible. The step-by-step implementation has made it possible to review sales routines and gain greater flexibility and functionality for, for example, reservations and management of electronic publishing channels.

About the project and the solution Robert Kullström says:

"I have been involved in the implementation of several different CRMs over the years. This is the first time that together with the supplier I have been able to modify the program to suit our needs. I am satisfied with the willingness, skill and patience of Anygraaf's experts to serve the customer on best possible way. The incremental implementation and the modifications made along the way based on the feedback from the end users of the program will ensure that the program will serve our real sales needs long into the future."

Anygraaf CEO Hannu Inberg says:

"Viestimedia set good challenges and helped us to adapt the functionality also to Viestimedia's type of sales organizations. Among other things, we gained a better understanding of task-based monitoring

and the different presentation forms for product and product group-specific comparisons.

It is always useful and instructive when things have a concrete connection."

Viestimedia Oy is Finland's leading media company for agriculture, forestry and related businesses. Veistimedia publishes, among other things, the daily newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, the magazines Koneviesti and Aarrea and the free newspaper Suomela.

In addition to printed newspapers and magazines, Viestimedia offers unique and up-to-date digital content.

"Our passion is to tell about the business viewpoints, way of living and sustainability within agriculture, forestry and countryside in general as well as small house living. We want to promote and support these topics in the spirit of our core values: we are proud of our roots, we innovate through cooperation, and we are frank and human to each other." (

Viestimedia Oy is owned by the Central Confederation of Agricultural and Forestry Producers (MTK).

Further information:

Sales manager Robert Kullström, Viestimedia, robert.kullstrom(at)

Managing Director Hannu Inberg, Anygraaf Oy, hannu.inberg(at)