Newspapers using Neo and NeoDirect will be able to compile newsletters for readers through Neo.

The production method speeds up the making of newsletters, because you don't have to pick up news in the letter every time – all you have to do is design the letter once and then select the contents that comes in each newsletter from Neo.

The aim of the newsletter is to remind readers of the newspaper's interesting content and thus engage them as users of online services.

One or more newsletter formats can be used: the letter can be compiled, for example, from the most interesting news of the day, once a week from the best reading stories of the magazine, or from a topic such as sports. In this case, the letter may have different and targeted recipient lists.

During municipal elections, the letter can be used, for example, to market election information to readers.

You can also sell advertising in a newsletter

The newsletter is implemented using NeoDirect.

In NeoDirect, a separate layout is created for each letter. The layout is designed with the client’s input.

– The most effective combination is created when some of the contents in the letter are selected from Neo, some are brought into the letter by automation. In this case, the letter contains both the stories chosen by the editor and, for example, the latest or most read contents of the entire magazine or a section, Silja Tenhunen from Anygraaf describes.

The newsletter can be targeted to subscribers or to all readers. It can also be used in circulation marketing, for example, when a subscriber's order is interrupted or has just run out.

If you want to sell advertising in a newsletter, you can do that too.

– Newsletter’s analytics help you evaluate the ad’sperformance in the letter and who it has reached.

The newsletter is sent with the newsletter program Sender, if the publisher does not already have a separate newsletter program.

Sending is made simple: a group of recipients is pre-assembled in Sender, after which sending a new letter requires only adding the web link of the latest letter to the program before sending.

For example, if you want to send a letter to all subscribers who have given their e-mail information and marketing authorization, this information can be transferred to Sender from the circulation system CProfit or another external register in Excel or csv format.

The recipient can choose to cancel the letter, in which case the information will be automatically updated in Sender.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter on the magazine's website, in which case information about new subscriptions is also automatically updated in the recipient's list.

Analytics shows who opened the letter, how far the letter was read, and what content was clicked the most

The delivery frequency of newsletters can be decided by yourself.

Sender's analytics for tracking letters are also available for review.

– Analytics allows the delivery to easily track how many recipients of the newsletter opened the letter, what links were clicked on the letter, and how far the letter was read. This data helps develop the content of the letters, Tenhunen says.

The letter can also be used on social media: a link to the letter can be shared, for example, with newspaper followers or sent via Facebook Messenger to the entire community.